Saturday, December 27, 2008

Flute Fingering Fun!

So, this morning Geekheart and I came over to "Grandma and Grandpa's" house so she could practice a canon arrangement with Grandma (mi madre), my sister, and brother. They're playing in church this Sunday, and G couldn't find her flute fingering chart, so she had me look one up. I found this perfectly timed post. An excellent fingering chart, well made, and prints clear and clean. Folks who provide this sort of resource free of charge are the kind of people we need more of.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well we have officially moved. Not exactly how we planned it to go but I am out of that nasty apartment. We now have to figure out where to live and convince someone to take our money so we have a home for our children. I am so tired from packing and all the trouble that we went through to get home last night.
Every time we went on the move something would fly off and we would have to pull off the side of the interstate. I don't know if anyone that reads this has ever had to move at night and pull of the side of the road when you have only had 4 hours of sleep, but let me tell you that it is not fun. I do know that Heavenly Father was testing us pretty good last night and we came through just fine. We were able to get through very tired and a little aggravated but still very much in love and happy to be home.
I thank Heavenly Father for all of the blessings that we have received and pray that I am doing all that I can do to be a beautiful Heavenly Daughter.
6 more days till we get married!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well it is now December! the month we have been waiting for. It is all happening so fast. One minute I am begging for it to be here and the next im going into panic mode trying to figure everything out. I am glad though that in 17 days I get to be happily married to the man of my eternities. I will have the biggest smile anyone including him has ever seen and I can't wait.
I am so grateful to be able to say that I came through the storm and I am moving on and making life work.

Monday, November 10, 2008

And Then She Left...

As always, sad, but true. As soon as she was down the hill and around the corner, that familiar, empty ache returned. To no longer be in the presence of my sweetheart, and our adorable girls, is a feeling that's almost unbearable.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Birthday celebration

Ok so maybe I was wrong to have been so pissy about things on my birthday. But I do still think that you should have been the first one to tell me happy birthday. So having said that I was totally blown away tonight. At the whole cheesecake and candles and birthday gifts. I was like thinking the entire time, "this is for me?" but why? And I know the answer is because you love me. I have been apart of your family for awhile but tonight it became even more obvious how much a part of it i really am. Including me in your family tradition made me feel like the most treasured and loved person ever. I will never be able to thank you and all your family enough. I am especially excited about the flute!!!!! I have never yearned for something so bad I dont think except for maybe being married to you lol. So I just wanted to say thankyou my gigageek and I love you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Birthday

So, today is my birthday. I am now 24 years of age. I have 3 year old twin girls and I am engaged to a wonderful man....who didn't tell me happy birthday. See the thing about it is we have this routine. Every morning my gigageek calls me without fail at 6am or whatever time I ask him to. Then we chat and pray and talk about what is to happen throughout the day. Then we text and talk throughout the day about whatver comes up. Then we have our nightly call and pray and talk about our day. I wake up to my gigageeks ringtone and answer feeling more than a little groggy but still able to function. He asks me how I feel and such. Then as I wake up we pray and I drink my breakfast and then decide I should take a shower. So we hang up and i tell him I will call later.
As I hang up I realise that it is indeed my birthday. Then I smile and wonder if my gigageek will tell me happy birthday when I call back. Well when we did speak again I had my bluetooth on and I was driving so we spoke for almost half the ride. That was ample time for my gigageek to tell me those two words. Did he? no.
So at this point I decide that I am just going to let him tell me when he remembers. Well he was in class all morning and I texted him a few times and called and recieved no reply until he called back around 1:00.
So we do the usual how are yas and what have you and he still says nothing. So I ask him in so many words if he knows what today is.....well of course he does.....then why has almost half a day passed by and no Happy Birthday?
I do not understand why it is so hard for men to realise that the simple mundane things matter so much. All I wanted was a Happy birthday from my fiancee this morning and only until I said something did he say something. So in that case it means nothing. His blog that he wrote for me/about me was sweet and beautiful. But in the state I am in I really dont want to be reminded of scars and whatever else you said in that poem. I dont care if you do love me and everything that is me...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Love, Dogs, and Death

This won't be nearly as long as I would like, simply because schoolwork requires attention.

Let me further preface this by saying that I don't like dogs. Most of them are smelly, annoying, and in general annoying. I don't usually get sad when I see a dead dog on the side of the road. I don't go out of my way to be cruel to a dog, but I'm usually not very "into" them you could say.

So imagine my surprise when today I got a txt from my Geekheart that informed me her puppy had died, and far from being happy or not caring even... I felt sad. I feel sad right now just writing about it. I'm sure it has nothing to do with how I feel about dogs, but instead how I feel about my fiance. My love for her is such that when the world is deprived of something that brings her happiness that it deprives /me/ of happiness.

It's an interesting feeling, to know that I love someone so much.

And a little frightening.

But love her I do, and sad I am at the passing of "Little Man".

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life, it is more than we think

It is said that once you find the one that you will know. It will be a thing of surety and you won't have to second guess yourself. I was the type to think the fairytale could be possible, just not for me. I have been proven wrong. For some reason Heavenly Father decided that I deserved this happy ending. Although, I wouldn't really call it an ending it is more of a beginning. Especially after a bunch of wrong turns or decisions I have made in the last 5 years. Or maybe they were good decisions, they led me to you. It sounds so corny but it is so true.
The love that we have has grown over time and we have cultivated it to suit us and to grow and thrive in our little family. We have learned by doing and we have made it our strength. We thrive off of one another and I think that is how it is supposed to be. Kind of like how we rely on Heavenly Father to help us endure. To listen to our fears and our worries and to comfort us in times of need. Heavenly Father knows exactly what he is doing when he influences us to do things. He leads us to the people we need to know and meet. I am so grateful for the many things I have been able to accomplish in this last year. For the growth I have had in the Lord and the gospel and the truth I know because of it.
He has proven his love for us so many times. I don't know how we could ever doubt it. H is there for us and with us every day and every moment. He knows exactly what we need and he gives it to us as long as we have faith and ask for it.
Wayne Joseph Werner, you are my true love. You are my daughters spirit father and we love you so much. I can't wait to know for sure that we are together for eternity. I love you forever and always.~Geekheart

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

loving you

i dont know how but loving you comes easily. its the one thing im sure of will always be there. I know that no matter what you will love me. Even if I disagree with you, even if im mad at you, even if i puke on you, you will always love me. I know that when you see girls that are pretty that all you can think about is me. You help me to believe that I am beautiful. You remind me constantly how much I mean to you and you show me too. I hope that I am as loving to you. I hope that I show you that I love you with every thing I have. I hope that my love radiates through my eyes right into your soul. I know That im going to marry you in 59 days!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yeah i guess im excited but not excited to see you go. But ill be here waiting :P

Monday, October 13, 2008

Über Excitement

So, this Wednesday after school is over, I'm going to visit my geekheart. I'm so incredibly excited! I need to remember quite a few things, though, that I normally don't/haven't brought. I'll be there wed evening-sun afternoon. Mmm, spraching of which, I need to head to the library and pick out some audio books (they're the best for keeping alert while driving, I've found).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Read Me

You don't know it yet... but from the moment you left, there appeared a void in my life. It was like the air being let out of a balloon, "FWOOOOOOOSH!" Now I feel deflated, empty of my purpose, and basically devoid of all desire. The only light in my life is the fact that in 83 days we'll be together, never again to be parted, and in two weeks and three days I'll be able to hold you in my arms once again.

I am, as always,
forever your Gigageek.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend bliss

So, Im here with my besterestest freind and fiancee again! I love you sooo much Chickenbutt! To be here again with you is so amazingly incredible. It makes leaving you harder and harder each time we have to. I can't wait for he next 84 days to go by so that we can be married. We are so good together and so many people look forever for what we already have. I am so grateful for your love and friendship. I am a better everything because of you. i have tried harder, believed in myself more, and actually thought I was pretty/beautiful for once. You give me what  I need to be whole. I am a stronger instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands because of your love and guidance. Our paths may have sidetracked us for a little while and we might even have gotten bruised in the process. Here we are stronger and better for one another. I love you gigageek. por eternidad mi suavecito ;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To My Beautiful Fiancé

I just wanted to let you know how incredible you are. You are the most amazing woman that I have ever met. I grow more impressed with you every day. Your desire to improve yourself and your lot fills me with respect and admiration for you. Your courage in trying new things is such an inspiration to me. You readily leave your comfort zone; such as when you changed your car battery. Many women would shy away from such an activity — you jump in with both feet.

You not only impress me, but you impress others — those you work for, with, and around. Some are jealous of your talents and resent you for it. Others respect and admire you.

And me?

I love you for always.

Forever yours,

Friday, September 12, 2008


I think today is just one of those days! i dont know i feel bleh.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So... yesterday I was tired. Mainly because the night before I couldn't get to sleep.

I was so tired that I needed to pass out or I would probably not function well today, either. So I called my Geekheart and told her I was going to pass out... I could tell she was a little disappointed. But I really wanted to talk a bit more and pray together, so I asked her to call once she got home.

Even though she had been disappointed, she DID!

So I woke up (just barely) and she prayed and we were able to say goodnight to each other.

That's just another reason why my Geekheart is the best evar!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I guess its been awhile so i should post somrthing at least. Well I fixed my car so that it was drivable. Came up to see wayne. After a long hard week of work and school I thought the last thing I wanted to do was go camping, but hey it was awesome! I thought that I was supremley terrified of canoeing/water or deep water and mom convinced me that I should at least try it. So.....I did, and it was so amazing! I have never had so much fun. I wasnt scared at all. If my lkil 2 year olds could handle it so could mommy right? so we paddled and found a hiking trail. Hiking is not one of my fave past times only because oif the extra weight that I was always carrying around. But now I love love it! It wass o much fun just exploring and bwing with family. the girls loved going through the woods and discovering hidden treasures(so did mommy ;) )So then we go swimming and come home and my sweetheart gived ME a birthday present for his birthday lol.Such an awesome feeling to know that someone loves you enough to be selfless on the day he should be. I am so grateful for the love we have for eachother.
We also went bowling. I usually am pretty good for the most part, but I totally bombed! I was at first doing pretty good AND then I totally threw every time where I almost got nothing. O well 5/6 strikes for my love isnt bad at all :P We had fun and thats what matters. I also think we got most of this wedding planned out so I think were good to go. I am so pleased with myself and everything that I have been able to accomplish with love and family on my side. Thank you gigageek!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alrighty then

Yeah so now i dont have my other blog. I just deleted it like 5 seconds ago! i only blogged in it occasionaly and i have blogged more on this that anything so i figure ill make it simple! So lets is pretty good.. Im a little stressed out with life and the wedding and the girls all at once. Then to make it Better! hah! I have school now. But they are good classes and they aren't hard for me at all. I love school. Ill be so glad to be done with it though. To be able to be home with my girls! I love playing with them. Anymore though Mommy is just so darn tired. I dont know I just feel like im letting them miss out on the fun mommy. Anyhow i will write more later. Peace!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8-bit and the 80s

So... I don't know if my geekheart really knows this about me... but I kinda dig the 80s. Not everything, but I do like a lot of retro. I think probably my favourite thing from the 80s is what's called Chiptune today. Remember the Nintendo Entertainment System? Remember those catchy bleeps, bloops, and hisses? Those sounds are what's considered chiptune. My only beef with chiptune is that often they mix severely techno tracks that make my brain hurt. I like the chiptune music that is more reminiscent of the old NES game soundtracks.

I still love World Class Track Meet for the NES, though. One of my very fave games for the NES. My fave was probably the game I own(ed) - Double Dragon II. (Coincidentally it has some awesome music on it)

Monday, August 4, 2008

super excited!!!!

SO i finally called my stake president and talked to him about what I need to do so my geek and I can get married on December 20th.It is a whole 8 days before my year date and we want to get sealed in the temple. So anyhow goo news is all i do is write a letter to the first presidency with the whys, wheres, and when information. Then send it to my stake president and he will put a letter with mine and send it off. Now thats what I call excitement!!!!its getting closer and closer and i cant. wait.!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


got a quick minute so i thought i would gush about how amazing it is to actually understand the english language for once in my life!!! its so amazing to realise that you can speak a language but never really understand the linguistics of it till you do it! im loving it anyhow and im loving life!!! and my geek!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


My geekheart makes me feel so fuzzy, all the time! When I think of her smile, or see her pic, or hear her voice... it just sends a sensation up my spine that makes me want to yell, "WoooohOOOoowowowowhwhwhahahahah!"

Or make some similar sound.

She's just the most awesome woman, fiance, mother, girlfriend, besterest friend, soon-to-be-wife, just... anything she tries, she's awesome at!

When you read this, my beautiful geekheart, guess what!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just some random poems/thoughts

My heart is empty, or at least half gone
it left me so quietly
not willingly
left here lonely and missing
somethings gone
does it always have to get worse before it gets better?
the tears want to come
but they don't
I think for fear, of actually feeling the lonliness
the silent words left unsaid
the emotions running through my head
I feel empty without you
Im so alive when im around you
to have a love such as ours;
it's something people dream of
or even see in a movie
even that can't compare to what we have been given
yet here we are
both thinking we don't deserve the other
for reasons neither of us knows
we are here
at the same time and place
its too quiet without you
my soul aches for the missing piece
I can't wait to be fully alive
to be looked at the way you look at me
to be told I am beautiful for eternity
to feel the love radiate from your embrace
till then....
I wonder what your thinking
pray your okay
try to stay busy
hope that the next time we meet comes sooner than the time before
and tell you I love you a million times a day
and somehow,
I know that your doing the same.

Another Best Weekend

I had another best weekend ever! You might ask, how I could have more than one best weekend ever? Easy! As it turns out, my Geekheart is so amazing that she can actually split the space-time contiuum, creating several "Best Weekends Ever" - specifically, each weekend we get to spend together. Which will never be enough (people have said that guys always say that at the beginning... I honestly can't imagine how it could not be, later... Even with all the bills, and hardships and heartaches and rewards and mountains of money... Even imagining all that, I still feel such love and gratitude for my Geekheart).

We had a lot of fun, as she posted down there, so I won't reiterate what all we did. I miss my Geekheart terribly. And my little geeklets. I left half of myself in Oklahoma... and that sounds like some bad country song.

Monday, July 21, 2008

so loved

wow! just when you think that you love someone as much as you can it changes and you end up loving them even more than you did. We had such a great time doing things together. I am so grateful to have someone in my life that will just go with me. Doesn't matter what it is he is willing to try. He doesn't even see it as a big deal. That to me is something I have never had. I have always had someone who complained about doing things together. Isn't that what a relationship is all about? please correct me if im wrong. Any how....we did a bunch of things that I have always thought about doing and took my geek to the peak of the worlds highest hill ^....and to the drive- in where we fought to stay awake and ate a ton of popcorn. It was all so surreal though. We knew we only had a little time and it always seems to fly by so fast when were together. I don't know how we'll make it through the next 149 days. But im guessing that somehow or another we will because we have eachother and eternity and our geeklets to look forward to.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yay Im also excited that my Geek is coming to town. He hasn't been down for awhile. It's usually me going there. And yes honey you may not have much money to spend on your girls. But you do have the time abd the love to give us and thats all that matters. I love you so much!!!!! Can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Thursday, probably about 1PM, I will be leaving home to go to Oklahoma to see my geekheart! I'm rather excited, if you couldn't guess :D

Though I am kinda sad, because I don't have much money (school books anyone?) to spend on my girls... hmmm... so... I might have to do something else instead :D

Creativity... even better! w00t!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Story Time!

Okay, so I suppose it's normally a story then a nap... but who said I'm normal at all?

So anyway... Up to this point, our hero (that's me), has fallen deeply and madly in love with our beautiful, kind, charming princess (that's my Geekheart). At first he was rather reluctant, but after all, with mortal wounds like his, who could blame him? Eventually, though, our hero acknowledged his emotions and feelings for our heroine, and decided he fancied her enough to get married. I mean, after all, she was exactly what he wanted. He just didn't know it yet (sometimes [okay, most of the time] he's a little slow).

Well, after some conversation to make sure it was really possible, our Hero devised a cunning plan to win her heart forever. That plan requires the constant care and watchfulness of our Hero, basically forever. Part of that plan was marriage, and he had to convince the lovely princess to marry him. It wasn't enough to simply ask, our Hero is too much of a geek. So with a flash of inspiration he thought, "A hah! A treasure hunt!" and began working. When he was in Seattle he bought two sets of earrings, and then he bought her an engagement ring. In Seattle, he also worked on some rhyming clues to lead her around Maumelle. The plan was to finish with a nice walk across the Big Dam Bridge, (and a walk back), where he would propose halfway across. But as our hero planted the clues, he noticed something dark and frightening. There were people around! Now, our princess is a shy creature, with little desire to be paraded around. In some ways she's become less shy, thanks in part to our hero's lifestyle. But to propose in front of that many people? Our hero had strong feelings that this occasion should be personal and intimate — not shared with hundreds of other people, especially strangers!

So with a quick improvise, he decided to leave earlier in the day. At first this was not a problem. The first clue delivered, the second one was found (though it had prior been discovered by some goblins, they were confused as to its purpose and discarded it nearby the original hiding place), the third, too. Alas, on the fourth clue, some wind dragons must have spirited the clue away, for it was nowhere to be found. Luckily, our hero was able to read his original clue, which quickly lead our princess to the fifth. Here, disaster almost struck! Out of the grass on the side of the path slithered a black dragonlet in pursuit of some prey! Our princess froze, while our hero took up a defensive position. He offered to fight, but our princess commanded him to wait. The dragonlet froze, and examined our travelers from about twenty feet, and then cautiously turned to head back into the grass.

Upon searching for the fifth clue, it was nowhere to be found. Perhaps some hobgoblin, or even the dragonlet removed it, hoping to lure our travelers to some unknown fate. However, once again our hero had the original copy, and was able to direct our princess to the sixth, and final clue. It was here that disaster struck. Our hero neglected to factor in the heat of the sun at just past midday, and forgot to bring water. The sun beat down on our travelers, trying to force them to submit and give up. Heroically, they traveled on, step by weary step. Eventually they reached the sixth and final clue, but with no water and no shade, they stopped only briefly. Then they began the long journey back to the car. Wisely, they chose not to stop in the intended place (halfway across), but to head back to the car. When their transportation was in sight, our lovely princess ran to the car as fast as she could for the delicious water that awaited her. Then, our intrepid duo made their way to a restaurant, for what should have been a delicious repast.

However, when the nachos arrived, they tested the very fortitude of our weary travelers. For, instead of being covered with a delicious blend of bell peppers, tomatos, and onions, save one small shred of pepper, they were covered with a not-so-delicious blend of onions, with more onions. Our lovely princess does not like onions. Had they known the nefarious plot taking place in the kitchen, they never would have ordered their meal. Yet, stoically they ate. However, our hero was still faced with a dilemma! Where to ask the hand of our lovely princess? As yet there was no place suitable, either in temperature or beauty. Our travelers began home, stopping by the Mart of Wal, to purchase some food for their later meal back at the keep.

Just then, nature provided the answer to our hero's dilemma! It began to rain, cooling the earth and the air. With the excuse that he "just wanted to show [her] something quick", our hero was able to make a detour. It was a place he loved as a child, it had been complete forest back then, and now, sadly, it had been clear cut in preparation for the construction of other keeps. Yet it had a beautiful view of the abundant verdance, as yet, and so he stopped. Nervously, he made an excuse that got our princess from the coach, then fell to his knee and fumbled out a box. It contained the most beautiful ring, perfect for our princess. A dark blue sapphire jewel, ringed by small bits of diamond, set in white gold, it was truly magnificent. With another poem, our hero asked, "... will you be my wife?"

With a smile and tears in her eyes, the beautiful princess answered, "Of course I will!"

Making me the happiest man alive!


Well, originally I was going to call up the number for this rental house down the street... but honestly I'm so tired and I think I need a nap... so I plan to take me a little 30-45 minute nap. Then my goal will be to call them up, post on here about how I became the luckiest man alive, and work on a few other things I've got goin on.

Fire at will!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Dreams coming true

I know that its corny but the we got engaged in the most charming way. My geek proposed after several clues he gave me where one led to the next and it took time but it really was the greatest thing ever. I was so amazed that he would feel so inclined to go to so much trouble to propose when it wasn't my first time.
But now that I reflect it was. That was the first time the person I was in love with took the time to listen to what I was dreaming about and he made it come true. It may have been hot than ever but it was the greatest thing ever. I had fun and I said yes of course!!!! December 13th here we come!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008


Relationships sure are a lot of work! But they're definitely worth it...

I've found out that I have to sacrifice a lot more than I thought... Of course if I weren't so selfish sometimes it wouldn't be that much of a problem now, would it? :P

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I'm hungry right now, but I'm also upstairs at home, working on some stuff. Geekheart is at the hospital with her friend who's having a baby, so that's pretty exciting! Although right now she's bored... it's just the waiting game.

Me, I have no idea how or what or who's going on or any of that, seeing as how I've never been there done that.

I'm really excited for this weekend, because I have a surprise for my Geekheart... she loves surprises but hates to wait for them :p

Mmmm.... super excitement!

Monday, June 23, 2008

being mommy

So....kind of had an accident yesterday and I wont go into details but I will say this. I felt terrible and I still do. I think I should though. It was a major wake up call to the anger I have that I inherit from my parents. Now I completley see it and I know what I need to do. I hope that my children will forgive me of it. I am so thankful for the people I have in my life. If I didn't have my geek I don't know what I would have done yesterday. He may be way more than 164 miles away but he still has an impact on what I do. I love you so much gigageek and I don't what I would do without you or heavenly father and the love you both have for me. So I just wanted to say thank you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well it seems everyone is off on vacation and im not....o well....cest la vie...just hope everyone is safe!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


SO yeah this weekend was pretty swell. I had a good time and all but it was still melancholy. We weren't able to take pics like we wanted although Dad did take some pretty awesome pictures at the lake.
We went to his dads toast masters dinner thing too which was pretty kool. They had some good food there and it was interesting to hear the different things they do. Then we had a date on saturday and we went to see a movie. The original plan was to go bowling but we were both pretty tired from playing with the girls and I had cooked and all so we went to see Dont mess with the Zohan. I highly recommend it if you want to watch a highly stupid movie and laugh.
Other than that I am back to work and school and highly sad....if thats what you want to call it that I can't be around my Geek. My home doesn't feel like home anymore...~sigh~

Yay! And Boo!

So... another great and wonderful weekend! That's the yay part. We did various things, besides had a lot of fun. We went to my dad's Toastmaster's meeting, ate good food (especially Geekheart's tacos... MMmmmmm!), went on a date (to see You Don't Mess With the Zohan!), and took some pictures, and did some other random stuff.

But she had leave yesterday, and that was BOOO! Big fat boo hoo :( Because she had to leave, ya ken?

So I look forward to the 4th of july-ish!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friday... only two days away! I'm so excited!

Also a week from now I'll be on my way to Seattle, if not all the way there! (Flying on standby is tricky business, I hear)

It'll be good to see the rest of the fam, but I do with Geekheart and our geeklings were coming with us... oh well... next time!



Monday, June 9, 2008


Chicke pox!

...Well not really LOL. I thought it was and then today I skip work and finally after bugging them to death they agreed to see the girls. Then we get there and we sit for like almost an hour and during this hour kaylynn has an accident....and I get more and more frustrated. Then when the doctor finally comes in he takes a look at the spots...and he says" flea bites"....
What? wait a minute?!?! flea bites? what the crap kind of diagnoses is that? I dont know but thats what they are. Of course yes im glad the girls donn't have chicken pox but hey! I need a week vacation....le sigh...I guess mommy will just have to grin and bear it through the rest of the week. At least I know that I'll get to see my Geek this weekend for fathers day! woot woot! and maybe if we can swing it a date night! hehe thats about it for this rainy day post.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Secret Shame

I have a secret shame to confess...

A bird pooped on me yesterday. It POOPED on my FREAKING hand when I was pulling in the driveway! How messed up is that!?

What's your secret shame?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Little More Conversation

So, here I am, talking to my geekheart about marriage and what-not. We have a ring and a dress (or at least a dress-style) picked out... and a tentative date.

I'm planning on meeting with the bishop this sunday to talk a little bit more about it. In particular, there's the question we have... because once you're baptized, you have to wait for a year before you can go through the temple for your endowment, and you have to be endowed before you're married.

Now, normally, if you're married outside of the temple (i.e. a civil marriage), you have to wait for a full year to be sealed in the temple... which would make us have to wait until a year from December. And that's just not cool.

However, I recall someone telling me that if you get married before your one year mark, then you can get sealed in the temple as soon as the year is up - just as if you had been married for a year.

So that's what I'm hoping for. We're both totally excited, even though we have quite a ways to go... 6 months will probably fly by rather quickly. Well, that's all for now - gigageek

pish posh

Well since I seem to be the only one contributing to this I guess I will continue. So now it seems we have agreed on December!!! Super excited! Almost can't wait but you know it's even more so because I have so totally found the dress and the ring...assuming my geek gets it.

But I'm definitely going to try my hardest to get the dress! any how thats all for now just freakin excited. Feel like a Mexican jumping bean ROFL!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I hope that maybe posting some of my frustrations on this blog might help. Maybe it might not help us in particular but it might help someone else in the same predicament. I'm just totally jealous right now I have no clue how to deal with it. Especially when you're totally just like backing away once again on this whole marriage thing. First I'm convincing you to marry and then you convince me and now were back to square one.
Your afraid you won't be able to provide but you tend to forget one thing. We have our faith and heavenly father, the holy ghost and family on our side. Will never do without what we NEED. He will provide for us as long as we're doing what were supposed to be doing. Right now we're growing together and yeah there are some growing pains but that's to be expected.
I want to experience life with you, and I know u want the same thing. I don't want to have any regrets and have loved you as much as I do for nothing. There are so many things in my life that have not been so happy. I want to be happy, not just with anyone, but with you.

First Post!

This is the first post in our blog. I'm gigageek, and my girlfriend is geekheart. We'll write about what goes on in our life and whatever we think of. Sometimes we'll comment on what each other has posted. Other times we'll just write random things.

This is one of those random things.