Monday, June 9, 2008

Chicke pox!

...Well not really LOL. I thought it was and then today I skip work and finally after bugging them to death they agreed to see the girls. Then we get there and we sit for like almost an hour and during this hour kaylynn has an accident....and I get more and more frustrated. Then when the doctor finally comes in he takes a look at the spots...and he says" flea bites"....
What? wait a minute?!?! flea bites? what the crap kind of diagnoses is that? I dont know but thats what they are. Of course yes im glad the girls donn't have chicken pox but hey! I need a week vacation....le sigh...I guess mommy will just have to grin and bear it through the rest of the week. At least I know that I'll get to see my Geek this weekend for fathers day! woot woot! and maybe if we can swing it a date night! hehe thats about it for this rainy day post.

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