Monday, June 16, 2008


SO yeah this weekend was pretty swell. I had a good time and all but it was still melancholy. We weren't able to take pics like we wanted although Dad did take some pretty awesome pictures at the lake.
We went to his dads toast masters dinner thing too which was pretty kool. They had some good food there and it was interesting to hear the different things they do. Then we had a date on saturday and we went to see a movie. The original plan was to go bowling but we were both pretty tired from playing with the girls and I had cooked and all so we went to see Dont mess with the Zohan. I highly recommend it if you want to watch a highly stupid movie and laugh.
Other than that I am back to work and school and highly sad....if thats what you want to call it that I can't be around my Geek. My home doesn't feel like home anymore...~sigh~

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