Tuesday, July 29, 2008


got a quick minute so i thought i would gush about how amazing it is to actually understand the english language for once in my life!!! its so amazing to realise that you can speak a language but never really understand the linguistics of it till you do it! im loving it anyhow and im loving life!!! and my geek!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


My geekheart makes me feel so fuzzy, all the time! When I think of her smile, or see her pic, or hear her voice... it just sends a sensation up my spine that makes me want to yell, "WoooohOOOoowowowowhwhwhahahahah!"

Or make some similar sound.

She's just the most awesome woman, fiance, mother, girlfriend, besterest friend, soon-to-be-wife, just... anything she tries, she's awesome at!

When you read this, my beautiful geekheart, guess what!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just some random poems/thoughts

My heart is empty, or at least half gone
it left me so quietly
not willingly
left here lonely and missing
somethings gone
does it always have to get worse before it gets better?
the tears want to come
but they don't
I think for fear, of actually feeling the lonliness
the silent words left unsaid
the emotions running through my head
I feel empty without you
Im so alive when im around you
to have a love such as ours;
it's something people dream of
or even see in a movie
even that can't compare to what we have been given
yet here we are
both thinking we don't deserve the other
for reasons neither of us knows
we are here
at the same time and place
its too quiet without you
my soul aches for the missing piece
I can't wait to be fully alive
to be looked at the way you look at me
to be told I am beautiful for eternity
to feel the love radiate from your embrace
till then....
I wonder what your thinking
pray your okay
try to stay busy
hope that the next time we meet comes sooner than the time before
and tell you I love you a million times a day
and somehow,
I know that your doing the same.

Another Best Weekend

I had another best weekend ever! You might ask, how I could have more than one best weekend ever? Easy! As it turns out, my Geekheart is so amazing that she can actually split the space-time contiuum, creating several "Best Weekends Ever" - specifically, each weekend we get to spend together. Which will never be enough (people have said that guys always say that at the beginning... I honestly can't imagine how it could not be, later... Even with all the bills, and hardships and heartaches and rewards and mountains of money... Even imagining all that, I still feel such love and gratitude for my Geekheart).

We had a lot of fun, as she posted down there, so I won't reiterate what all we did. I miss my Geekheart terribly. And my little geeklets. I left half of myself in Oklahoma... and that sounds like some bad country song.

Monday, July 21, 2008

so loved

wow! just when you think that you love someone as much as you can it changes and you end up loving them even more than you did. We had such a great time doing things together. I am so grateful to have someone in my life that will just go with me. Doesn't matter what it is he is willing to try. He doesn't even see it as a big deal. That to me is something I have never had. I have always had someone who complained about doing things together. Isn't that what a relationship is all about? please correct me if im wrong. Any how....we did a bunch of things that I have always thought about doing and took my geek to the peak of the worlds highest hill ^....and to the drive- in where we fought to stay awake and ate a ton of popcorn. It was all so surreal though. We knew we only had a little time and it always seems to fly by so fast when were together. I don't know how we'll make it through the next 149 days. But im guessing that somehow or another we will because we have eachother and eternity and our geeklets to look forward to.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yay Im also excited that my Geek is coming to town. He hasn't been down for awhile. It's usually me going there. And yes honey you may not have much money to spend on your girls. But you do have the time abd the love to give us and thats all that matters. I love you so much!!!!! Can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Thursday, probably about 1PM, I will be leaving home to go to Oklahoma to see my geekheart! I'm rather excited, if you couldn't guess :D

Though I am kinda sad, because I don't have much money (school books anyone?) to spend on my girls... hmmm... so... I might have to do something else instead :D

Creativity... even better! w00t!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Story Time!

Okay, so I suppose it's normally a story then a nap... but who said I'm normal at all?

So anyway... Up to this point, our hero (that's me), has fallen deeply and madly in love with our beautiful, kind, charming princess (that's my Geekheart). At first he was rather reluctant, but after all, with mortal wounds like his, who could blame him? Eventually, though, our hero acknowledged his emotions and feelings for our heroine, and decided he fancied her enough to get married. I mean, after all, she was exactly what he wanted. He just didn't know it yet (sometimes [okay, most of the time] he's a little slow).

Well, after some conversation to make sure it was really possible, our Hero devised a cunning plan to win her heart forever. That plan requires the constant care and watchfulness of our Hero, basically forever. Part of that plan was marriage, and he had to convince the lovely princess to marry him. It wasn't enough to simply ask, our Hero is too much of a geek. So with a flash of inspiration he thought, "A hah! A treasure hunt!" and began working. When he was in Seattle he bought two sets of earrings, and then he bought her an engagement ring. In Seattle, he also worked on some rhyming clues to lead her around Maumelle. The plan was to finish with a nice walk across the Big Dam Bridge, (and a walk back), where he would propose halfway across. But as our hero planted the clues, he noticed something dark and frightening. There were people around! Now, our princess is a shy creature, with little desire to be paraded around. In some ways she's become less shy, thanks in part to our hero's lifestyle. But to propose in front of that many people? Our hero had strong feelings that this occasion should be personal and intimate — not shared with hundreds of other people, especially strangers!

So with a quick improvise, he decided to leave earlier in the day. At first this was not a problem. The first clue delivered, the second one was found (though it had prior been discovered by some goblins, they were confused as to its purpose and discarded it nearby the original hiding place), the third, too. Alas, on the fourth clue, some wind dragons must have spirited the clue away, for it was nowhere to be found. Luckily, our hero was able to read his original clue, which quickly lead our princess to the fifth. Here, disaster almost struck! Out of the grass on the side of the path slithered a black dragonlet in pursuit of some prey! Our princess froze, while our hero took up a defensive position. He offered to fight, but our princess commanded him to wait. The dragonlet froze, and examined our travelers from about twenty feet, and then cautiously turned to head back into the grass.

Upon searching for the fifth clue, it was nowhere to be found. Perhaps some hobgoblin, or even the dragonlet removed it, hoping to lure our travelers to some unknown fate. However, once again our hero had the original copy, and was able to direct our princess to the sixth, and final clue. It was here that disaster struck. Our hero neglected to factor in the heat of the sun at just past midday, and forgot to bring water. The sun beat down on our travelers, trying to force them to submit and give up. Heroically, they traveled on, step by weary step. Eventually they reached the sixth and final clue, but with no water and no shade, they stopped only briefly. Then they began the long journey back to the car. Wisely, they chose not to stop in the intended place (halfway across), but to head back to the car. When their transportation was in sight, our lovely princess ran to the car as fast as she could for the delicious water that awaited her. Then, our intrepid duo made their way to a restaurant, for what should have been a delicious repast.

However, when the nachos arrived, they tested the very fortitude of our weary travelers. For, instead of being covered with a delicious blend of bell peppers, tomatos, and onions, save one small shred of pepper, they were covered with a not-so-delicious blend of onions, with more onions. Our lovely princess does not like onions. Had they known the nefarious plot taking place in the kitchen, they never would have ordered their meal. Yet, stoically they ate. However, our hero was still faced with a dilemma! Where to ask the hand of our lovely princess? As yet there was no place suitable, either in temperature or beauty. Our travelers began home, stopping by the Mart of Wal, to purchase some food for their later meal back at the keep.

Just then, nature provided the answer to our hero's dilemma! It began to rain, cooling the earth and the air. With the excuse that he "just wanted to show [her] something quick", our hero was able to make a detour. It was a place he loved as a child, it had been complete forest back then, and now, sadly, it had been clear cut in preparation for the construction of other keeps. Yet it had a beautiful view of the abundant verdance, as yet, and so he stopped. Nervously, he made an excuse that got our princess from the coach, then fell to his knee and fumbled out a box. It contained the most beautiful ring, perfect for our princess. A dark blue sapphire jewel, ringed by small bits of diamond, set in white gold, it was truly magnificent. With another poem, our hero asked, "... will you be my wife?"

With a smile and tears in her eyes, the beautiful princess answered, "Of course I will!"

Making me the happiest man alive!


Well, originally I was going to call up the number for this rental house down the street... but honestly I'm so tired and I think I need a nap... so I plan to take me a little 30-45 minute nap. Then my goal will be to call them up, post on here about how I became the luckiest man alive, and work on a few other things I've got goin on.

Fire at will!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Dreams coming true

I know that its corny but the we got engaged in the most charming way. My geek proposed after several clues he gave me where one led to the next and it took time but it really was the greatest thing ever. I was so amazed that he would feel so inclined to go to so much trouble to propose when it wasn't my first time.
But now that I reflect it was. That was the first time the person I was in love with took the time to listen to what I was dreaming about and he made it come true. It may have been hot than ever but it was the greatest thing ever. I had fun and I said yes of course!!!! December 13th here we come!!!