Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Best Weekend

I had another best weekend ever! You might ask, how I could have more than one best weekend ever? Easy! As it turns out, my Geekheart is so amazing that she can actually split the space-time contiuum, creating several "Best Weekends Ever" - specifically, each weekend we get to spend together. Which will never be enough (people have said that guys always say that at the beginning... I honestly can't imagine how it could not be, later... Even with all the bills, and hardships and heartaches and rewards and mountains of money... Even imagining all that, I still feel such love and gratitude for my Geekheart).

We had a lot of fun, as she posted down there, so I won't reiterate what all we did. I miss my Geekheart terribly. And my little geeklets. I left half of myself in Oklahoma... and that sounds like some bad country song.

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