Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just some random poems/thoughts

My heart is empty, or at least half gone
it left me so quietly
not willingly
left here lonely and missing
somethings gone
does it always have to get worse before it gets better?
the tears want to come
but they don't
I think for fear, of actually feeling the lonliness
the silent words left unsaid
the emotions running through my head
I feel empty without you
Im so alive when im around you
to have a love such as ours;
it's something people dream of
or even see in a movie
even that can't compare to what we have been given
yet here we are
both thinking we don't deserve the other
for reasons neither of us knows
we are here
at the same time and place
its too quiet without you
my soul aches for the missing piece
I can't wait to be fully alive
to be looked at the way you look at me
to be told I am beautiful for eternity
to feel the love radiate from your embrace
till then....
I wonder what your thinking
pray your okay
try to stay busy
hope that the next time we meet comes sooner than the time before
and tell you I love you a million times a day
and somehow,
I know that your doing the same.

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