Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alrighty then

Yeah so now i dont have my other blog. I just deleted it like 5 seconds ago! i only blogged in it occasionaly and i have blogged more on this that anything so i figure ill make it simple! So lets is pretty good.. Im a little stressed out with life and the wedding and the girls all at once. Then to make it Better! hah! I have school now. But they are good classes and they aren't hard for me at all. I love school. Ill be so glad to be done with it though. To be able to be home with my girls! I love playing with them. Anymore though Mommy is just so darn tired. I dont know I just feel like im letting them miss out on the fun mommy. Anyhow i will write more later. Peace!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8-bit and the 80s

So... I don't know if my geekheart really knows this about me... but I kinda dig the 80s. Not everything, but I do like a lot of retro. I think probably my favourite thing from the 80s is what's called Chiptune today. Remember the Nintendo Entertainment System? Remember those catchy bleeps, bloops, and hisses? Those sounds are what's considered chiptune. My only beef with chiptune is that often they mix severely techno tracks that make my brain hurt. I like the chiptune music that is more reminiscent of the old NES game soundtracks.

I still love World Class Track Meet for the NES, though. One of my very fave games for the NES. My fave was probably the game I own(ed) - Double Dragon II. (Coincidentally it has some awesome music on it)

Monday, August 4, 2008

super excited!!!!

SO i finally called my stake president and talked to him about what I need to do so my geek and I can get married on December 20th.It is a whole 8 days before my year date and we want to get sealed in the temple. So anyhow goo news is all i do is write a letter to the first presidency with the whys, wheres, and when information. Then send it to my stake president and he will put a letter with mine and send it off. Now thats what I call excitement!!!!its getting closer and closer and i cant. wait.!!!!