Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8-bit and the 80s

So... I don't know if my geekheart really knows this about me... but I kinda dig the 80s. Not everything, but I do like a lot of retro. I think probably my favourite thing from the 80s is what's called Chiptune today. Remember the Nintendo Entertainment System? Remember those catchy bleeps, bloops, and hisses? Those sounds are what's considered chiptune. My only beef with chiptune is that often they mix severely techno tracks that make my brain hurt. I like the chiptune music that is more reminiscent of the old NES game soundtracks.

I still love World Class Track Meet for the NES, though. One of my very fave games for the NES. My fave was probably the game I own(ed) - Double Dragon II. (Coincidentally it has some awesome music on it)

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