Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alrighty then

Yeah so now i dont have my other blog. I just deleted it like 5 seconds ago! i only blogged in it occasionaly and i have blogged more on this that anything so i figure ill make it simple! So lets is pretty good.. Im a little stressed out with life and the wedding and the girls all at once. Then to make it Better! hah! I have school now. But they are good classes and they aren't hard for me at all. I love school. Ill be so glad to be done with it though. To be able to be home with my girls! I love playing with them. Anymore though Mommy is just so darn tired. I dont know I just feel like im letting them miss out on the fun mommy. Anyhow i will write more later. Peace!

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the mama said...

I know what you mean about your kids missing out on the "fun" mommy... school seems to do that for moms. I feel the same way when I'm going to school. But I'll be done soon, too!! Hooray for being stay-at-home-spend-all-your-time-with-your-favorite-little-people moms!! Love ya! Hang in there! :)