Monday, September 1, 2008


I guess its been awhile so i should post somrthing at least. Well I fixed my car so that it was drivable. Came up to see wayne. After a long hard week of work and school I thought the last thing I wanted to do was go camping, but hey it was awesome! I thought that I was supremley terrified of canoeing/water or deep water and mom convinced me that I should at least try it. So.....I did, and it was so amazing! I have never had so much fun. I wasnt scared at all. If my lkil 2 year olds could handle it so could mommy right? so we paddled and found a hiking trail. Hiking is not one of my fave past times only because oif the extra weight that I was always carrying around. But now I love love it! It wass o much fun just exploring and bwing with family. the girls loved going through the woods and discovering hidden treasures(so did mommy ;) )So then we go swimming and come home and my sweetheart gived ME a birthday present for his birthday lol.Such an awesome feeling to know that someone loves you enough to be selfless on the day he should be. I am so grateful for the love we have for eachother.
We also went bowling. I usually am pretty good for the most part, but I totally bombed! I was at first doing pretty good AND then I totally threw every time where I almost got nothing. O well 5/6 strikes for my love isnt bad at all :P We had fun and thats what matters. I also think we got most of this wedding planned out so I think were good to go. I am so pleased with myself and everything that I have been able to accomplish with love and family on my side. Thank you gigageek!

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