Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend bliss

So, Im here with my besterestest freind and fiancee again! I love you sooo much Chickenbutt! To be here again with you is so amazingly incredible. It makes leaving you harder and harder each time we have to. I can't wait for he next 84 days to go by so that we can be married. We are so good together and so many people look forever for what we already have. I am so grateful for your love and friendship. I am a better everything because of you. i have tried harder, believed in myself more, and actually thought I was pretty/beautiful for once. You give me what  I need to be whole. I am a stronger instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands because of your love and guidance. Our paths may have sidetracked us for a little while and we might even have gotten bruised in the process. Here we are stronger and better for one another. I love you gigageek. por eternidad mi suavecito ;)

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