Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well we have officially moved. Not exactly how we planned it to go but I am out of that nasty apartment. We now have to figure out where to live and convince someone to take our money so we have a home for our children. I am so tired from packing and all the trouble that we went through to get home last night.
Every time we went on the move something would fly off and we would have to pull off the side of the interstate. I don't know if anyone that reads this has ever had to move at night and pull of the side of the road when you have only had 4 hours of sleep, but let me tell you that it is not fun. I do know that Heavenly Father was testing us pretty good last night and we came through just fine. We were able to get through very tired and a little aggravated but still very much in love and happy to be home.
I thank Heavenly Father for all of the blessings that we have received and pray that I am doing all that I can do to be a beautiful Heavenly Daughter.
6 more days till we get married!!!!

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