Monday, January 26, 2009

If I Could Save Time...

So, life can get frustrating, especially when one adds school, work, kids, and marriage on top of that. Things have been pretty rough for my Geekheart especially. She has to work long hours and the starter in her car has started to die... And she misses her girls and her geek, and sometimes said geek isn't the most attentive to her needs. He tries really hard, but there are a lot of things he's not able to do in a satisfactory fashion.

Hence, he wishes he had a lot more time.


Geekheart said...

my dear geek we all wish for more time

jonibeestrong said...

HI you cute geeky kids. (Yes, to me you are still kids. i have been enjoying reading your posts and glad you are still in love with each other, and yes, marriage takes work, and communication to run. there may be bumps along the road, but you get the grader and fix them up. LOL Now my problem is that I found some pictures of you both and the girls and I wanted to print them but I forget where I found them. If you find this in your story line, please let me know how I got your pictures and now have lost them. I am afraid that I am getting old. well, I guess I should not feel too bad. when GG was my age she did not have the faintest idea what to do with a computer.
He Geekheart, what is this job that is so long and so hard?
We wish you all well. Love Gramma