Wednesday, January 28, 2009

lessons learned

Yesterday I was able to stay home and spend time with the girls. It was great although I wished that my geek was able to stay home too. But the school did not cancel their classes. So while being at home I did some house chores and played with the girls and read the rest of the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. As I have read through this book I have asked myself many question one being, what's my love language?
When I was finished reading the book in the back their was a survey type thing that you could take to see which love language you were. I was able to realise that I have two love languages. As if one isn't hard enough to contend with. One of them is Quality time and the other was physical touch. It was right on because I always complain or ask for both of those things all the time.
Ever since I started working at my new job it has been a very difficult time trying to adjust to the time I have to spend away from my children and my loving husband. I know that he loves me but it's hard to remember that when you only see eachother 3 hours a night.
This book has taught me alot about myself and a lot about how I can be better for my Geek and help satisfy his love language "tank".
I feel much better now that I know how I am supposed to feel loved and how i am supposed to love. I love you

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