Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Work and Marriage

Well everyone we have officially now been married for about 2 and a half weeks! The time just flys by when you have so much to do. We have mostly settled into our apartment, I have started my new job(which i am rather enjoying right now) and the girls have adjusted to mostly everything. They aren't loving being with daddy all day(or at least thats what it sounds like) I dont think but all the same they will be going to daycare soon. Wayne will start his semester on the 15th. I am excited for that because the sooner he is done with school the sooner we'll be more comfortable with bills. Or maybe not, im starting to think that bills will always be something that is a heartache for many of us.
We did have our reception saturday and it turned out great. I admit I was a little frustrated because my shoulder sleeves kept falling down so Wayne and I weren't able to dance for like almost an hour. Then everyone left at like 8:25 exactly. It was rather odd but thats when wayne and I and our photographer had th most fun. No one there to make fun of us so we goofed around and acted like kids. It was the most awesome thing ever besides being married in the temple. People find it so hard to just be a kid sometimes and I do it often. I had so much fun the other night that I plan on being more playful and not caring what anyone is thinking.

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the mama said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying life so much!! Married life is awesome, even though some parts are harder than being single... the good parts more than make up for it :) love you and miss you!