Friday, February 20, 2009

So proud

so very very proud of myself for realising my behavior last night. I was a little upset when I got home last night due to some frustration at work and having to work late. Then to top it off I came home to a husband on the computer and children making a mess. I wasn't too happy and I didin't directly tell my loved one. I just ranted and raved about and made everyone else miserable because I was. It hadn't helped that through the week I had come home with a migraine just about every night. So as I was ranting I got me some food and sat down at our bar and proceeded to eat.
As I watched my husband clean various things I realised how uptight he was and that made me think twice about how he was acting. I didn't want him to be in a bad mood too. It was already bad enough with just me. So as soon as I realised I was hurting my loved ones I apologised. I said that I was sorry for my behavior and that it just was frustrating to come home and have to work more. So we worked it out and talked(talking is the best!) and we were able to understand where both of us were coming from.
I love that my husband loves me. I am so glad that we both knew what we were getting into with this marriage. I am so thankful that were both willing to understand eachothers faults and forgive. I am so happy that he can still love me even after I am a pain :)

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