Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So... I am married to the most amazing, wonderful woman there ever could be. She has a lot of patience with me and my weaknesses. And I've got a lot of them.

She also gets so happy/excited when I do some things I would consider simple (and I really love it). Her brother (whom she hasn't talked to much at his choice) just gave her his phone number (or at least a number to call him at), and she asked if she could use my phone tonight when I go to scouts.

When I told her she could, her response was incredibly enthusiastic and appreciative. For such a simple thing... It makes me wonder a little bit about gratitude. Perhaps I'll post some more if I have some time later...

1 comment:

Geekheart said...

of course I was happy! dont you remember when I could barelt touch the thing let alone you leave it with me? ROFL