Monday, March 30, 2009


I notice that my dear husband does not post hardly ever. This was his idea, to combine our blog and then he doesn't post lol. Ah well tis the way life is I guess. So last week was kind of crazy. This month has been kind of crazy in a nutshell. KayLynn and I were in a minor accident. That wasn't very much fun. Neither one of us was hurt but I was in a little shock, or a lot of shock I don't know.
Then my dear geek and I kind of had a rough week last week. We finally talked it through. I think you get to a point in marriage where you know that nothing will get better until one of you gives in and listens. Sadly I wasn't in the listening mood all week. It didn't matter how hard my geek tried I still kept blowing up at him. I felt bad about it and would apologize but it was like evything he did plus the girls and plus work was just grating on my every nerve. Not very much fun.
It was all good though. We talked it through and I kept my mouth closed for longer than a minute and it all worked out.
So we also went to oklahoma for a visit and that was fun. We stayed at my friends house and froze the first night. It wasn't very comfortable either but I love her and I wouldn't trade that time spent with her for anything. We drove all over saturday trying to find a headlight for my car only to find out that none of the salvage yards there were open. Then we rigged it up with some self lamanating stuff and tape, that was fun.
We also went to have a visit with the girls "real father". It was rather exciting the first few minutes because he threw a fit and threatened my geek. Not cool. I was looking forward to the girls seeing their "Father" for the first time in months. I guess some people just never grow up though. But we were able to go inside and enjoy our visit with his mom and dad and his new girlfriend and the girls' half sister.
I hope that one day when the girls are older that both I and their "father" will be able to come to them and tell them the story. That they might be able to understand that they are loved and we want the best for them. I hope that I am setting a great example for them now. I have accomplished so much in the last 2 years. I have gone through a year of college with 2 children, I have found a great daddy for them, and for me, and I have an awesome job. I love my girls and i love life with them. I guess thats it for today.

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