Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wha' Happened(ening?)

So, my darling wife has rightly mentioned (and especially to me) my lack of postage here (or anywhere else for that matter). I suppose that's what you get when you go to school full time, work a bit, and have a family life. But hopefully I'll be able to spend some time more often doing this sort of thing. School is over in a few weeks and that totally reminds me that I need to call and set up an appointment to have an interview for an internship this summer!

Yay! So this gal is going to call me back with available times for an interview. I'm really looking forward to it and I hope I get the job. I really love to program, and I think it will be rather good experience being able to try and maintain other people's code.

I also should see about writing up the Sieve of Eratosthenes. It's some practice for the CS Programming team. We're supposed to get to where we can write and debug that in under 5 minutes. I'm installing Visual Studio Express on my computer, since the Acxiom programming challenge only uses Visual Studio. Which is sad, because I have all sorts of nifty scripts and what-not that improve my speed... especially using Vim. Mmmm, delicious vim!

Oh well. I guess that's life for ya. Also, if I do get this job I'll be programming exclusively in Microsoft's .NET framework. I don't really have anything against it - other than it's not vi. Well, I suppose that's enough random rambling about my general geekiness.

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