Friday, April 17, 2009

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So, my Geekheart is so wonderful! It impresses me so much when I see her work out, and change her eating habits. I do try to be supportive - though sometimes I'm not as supportive as I should be.

We bought some tickets to go see Disney on Ice with the girls, and we had more than we needed, so GH has been looking for someone to take with us. She finally decided on this gal that works with her who has some kids. When she came in today to pick up the tickets the lady was so excited and happy. I wish I could have been there.

Switching gears again, with my beautiful bride eating healthy, she has influenced my eating habits as well. Usually I don't eat terribly healthy, but I don't usually eat tons and tons either. But I'm eating quite a bit better now, thanks to my wife. It's really interesting, too. When she does things, I want to do them too. Sometimes (more than she knows) it even includes chores. When I'm told to do things that aren't being done by the one telling me, it's an awful lot harder to take that council at face value. Usually it gets rejected.

But I love to do things with my wife.

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