Monday, April 20, 2009

Slowly but gradualy

Hmmm, I don't think I spelled gradualy right. Oh well. So an update on progress. This last week has been quite hectic. We were out busily searching for a car and not home enough for me to work out. I did work out monday and tuesday. I am proud I did at least do 2 days. My geek and I have decided since we saved money on the purchase of my car :) that we will buy a Wii with Wii fit. So excited for that!!! So now I have no excuses. So when I am at home I have something that will motivate and be fun to do. Plus the girls can do it with me too.
The girls have started going to a new daycare. It is in home and Ms.Peggy only has a son. So it's just 3 of them and she takes them to the zoo and to the Museum of Discovery. They are having a blast. They have also started doing baby gymnastics! I am so proud of them when they can do my stretches with me. I am very happy with this new babysitter.
So back to healthy me. My geek is such a goober. Every time I turn around he is commenting on the fact that my stomach seems to be dissapearing. This is good, but I still feel like the big girl when i look in the mirror. Im working on that and I know that it will get better.
Things are changing and I feel great!

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