Friday, May 29, 2009

My Weight Loss Journey

Hey everyone, I know it has been a lONG time since I blogged about anything. So, I thought I would take this opportunity, when I really don't feel like working, to take a few minutes and update.
So I think it has been about 2 months and I have lost about 11 pounds. That is a big accomplishment for me. I haven't gained any of it back so I know it's going to stay off as long as I keep maintaining after I am done losing. So, during this time clothes have looked better, my stomach is FLATTER( yes, very much flatter) and I feel better. I love how I feel after I go work out.
I am eating very healthy compared to what I was eating before. ANd even before I was eating way WAY better than I was before Wayne and I met. So I know I am doing superb in that regard. I have found new and healthier ways to have the things I want. I have also learned to portion out things so that I can have other things I want.
With work and excersise and a home to clean and a husband to take care of too life has been kind of hectic. I have pictures of me throughout this time but I am at work and the pics are at home. I will post the , later so you can tell me if you see a difference.
I have till november to reach my grand goal of 180. I am at 249 now and I AM going to get there. I have no doubt. Just need to be reassured sometimes that it's actually making a difference. LOL.
Thats all for now!

-Me in the green was about March and the one of me smiling was tonight :)

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the rowley mama said...

You look GREAT! And you especially look cute in the pic with the green shirt - I love your hair :) I have a food blog that I've started - you should look at it:

I post things about eating healthy and exercising, and how our family does it. I'm also trying to shed some lbs (all that baby weight... it is being so unbearably stubborn). I'm also being very inconsistent with eating (more consistent with exercise). Oh, and I found out the other day that anaerobic exercise(lifting weights, sprinting, jumping rope, etc) burns more calories than aerobic exercise (running, etc). Oh, elliptical machines are anaerobic as well, and your gym probably as one of those. Anyway, just a few little tidbits :)

You're looking great! YOU CAN DO IT! :D I believe in you!