Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing dress up!

So, wednesday night is girls night because my Geek has scouts. So wednesday morning I told my favorite girls that when I came home and daddy left that we would do something special! I whispered in KayLynn's ear that we would dress up like Princesses and thats all there was to it! When I got home and Daddy left that is exactly what we did!

This was the most fun we have had in awhile. My girls are growing up so fast! I am so glad they still want to play dress u with me!


the rowley mama said...

Oooh, cuties! All three of you! Every time you post pictures of you and the girls, I miss you more and more :'(

Rhino said...

You have that eyeshadow down to an art. The feather boa pictures are both priceless! I think I'll use these ones as reference pictures when people ask to see my nieces... adorably hilarious.