Monday, July 20, 2009

Slacker 4.0

So life lately has been very lacking. Wayne and I have been terrible at doing the daily things that we know we need to do. We haven't been reading our scriptures, doing FHE, or studying the lesson for Sunday BEFORE sunday if at all. I have felt rather empty as of late and I think it is due to the lack of keeping our promises with Heavenly Father. Doing all of those things has gotten me this far. I have a wonderful and awesome husband a great family, and a testimony that is so strong. I am MAKING the time from now on. There are no exscuses and I know that. If there is one thing I learned from being on my own when my ex left me is that you are the one who has to make things happen. If you want to be sad then you will be. If you are going to do nothing but complain then your always going to be complaining and never able to listen and see what you need to do.
I have so much in me to give to people around me and I haven't been doing that nearly enough lately. I also haven't been taking very much care of myself. I am no good if I am not taking care of myself. So last night I finally exercised after about 3 weeks and it felt great.
There is a way to get around this and I think Wayne summed it up best when he said "Just do it!"
Thats exactly what I plan to do :)

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Christy said...

I finally got back into doing those daily things this semester and it has made SUCH a difference! Good luck getting back into your routine. I know you can, and it will be SO worth it.