Friday, May 21, 2010


I am the luckiest man alive! Why am I? Because I am married to the most wonderful, beautiful, incredible woman in the world; I have two three wonderful daughters; I get paid to play!

I have been married for 1.466 years now to a woman who has helped me to grow, to learn more about myself and being selfless and patient than anything or anyone else. She has been by my side through the good and the bad, she is the mother of my children, and I cannot say enough good about her. If that were all I would be incredibly lucky. But we also have three wonderful girls who teach me a bit more about love and selflessness and life and patience. They are totally wonderful.

And then I just got an internship at the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, and it feels like I get paid to play. I write programs which is something that I absolutely love. I get to go to work early (7:30 am) and leave @ 4:00 pm. And invariably when it gets to 3:00 pm I start thinking "Darn it! I only have an hour left!" then I remember that I have a wonderful family waiting for me at home and so it's easy to leave.

Sure there are some daily challenges and everything... but life is awesome

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